Henne Tin and Sheet Iron, established 1846.

“Within the town itself are the following numbers of master-mechanics, nearly all of whom employ several workmen: carpenters and builders 20, wagonmakers 7, blacksmiths 8, gun and locksmiths 2, coppersmiths 1, tinsmiths 2, machinist 1, saddlers 3, shoemakers 6, turners 2, tailors 5, button and fringemakers 1, tanners 3, butchers 3, bakers 4, gristmills (corn, wheat, ice, pulp, grain) 4, stores and small tradesmens’ shops 12, apothecaries 3…” 

– Frederick Law Olmsted, 1855


Gus Pfeuffer with prize Hereford, 1912.

The German newcomers were quickly regarded as thrifty and industrious people. They rapidly set up shops and trades, adding newfound wealth to the region. The German farmers were especially efficient, producing yields more than double that of other farmers in Central Texas. In addition to crops, they raised sheep, cattle, pigs, and poultry for commercial production. Flour mills, textile factories, and processing plants were built to turn raw materials into fine finished goods.

“Only to the circumstance, that many people, engaged in agriculture, will settle in the vicinity, will New Braunfels be able to maintain itself, since it is not on a navigable river, nor has it other commercial advantages, except that it is a central point, where the agricultural population can exchange their products for merchandise and the artisans have their permanent place of residence.”

– Dr. Ferdinand von Roemer, 1847

Gold token, given as change by merchants, had greater value when returning to the same merchant to purchase supplies, circa 1870.

Neu Braunfelser Zeitung header, 1852.

Landa Falls, Landa Estate, circa 1890.

1846 Merriweather Gin – first grist and saw mill
1848 Torrey Mill – first flour mill, second grist and saw mills
1850 Holekamp Mill
1852 Neu Braunfelser Zeitung begins publication, initially only in German
1853 Merriweather Cotton Gin – first cotton gin in New Braunfels
1856 Gieseke Brothers Woolen Factory
1857 Hoffmann Gin – horse and steam powered gin
1860 Koester Brandy Distillery
1862 Torrey Cotton Factory – Torrey Woolen Factory
1863 Saltpeter Kiln
1867 New Braunfels Woolen Manufacturing Company – supplied 1,233 yards of gray wool to Texas A&M for uniforms.
1878 Gruene Cotton Gin – steam operated
1887 H. Dittlinger Roller Mills
1890 Torrey Masonry Dam – powered the city of New Braunfels and Dittlinger flour mill
1895 Landa Cotton and Oil Company 1895 Landa Flour Mill

Originally the Koester Brandy Distillery, later the New Braunfels Woolen Manufacturing Company, 1865.