Brauntex Theater (1942) – D62

290 West San Antonio Street – The Brauntex Theater first opened in downtown New Braunfels in January 1942. Pearl Harbor had just been bombed and the United States was at war. Harold Ward was a manager of the theater during the 1950’s. Other old-time employees included Chris Mosley, also a manager and Florie Bush. There were other theaters in operation in New Braunfels at the time, but once the state-of-the-art Brauntex opened, it was the best. A major fire in one of the other downtown theaters, the Palace, either just before and just after the Brauntex opened, made the new theater an even more welcome addition to the city. Now the Brauntex Performing Arts Theater.

Brauntex Theater from In New Braunfels on Vimeo.